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Binary Paintings

The binary paintings have the appearance of oceans of language or data, but are actually void of any intended information. The numbers and grids fade in and out, alluding to depth and movement. Like an old computer monitor, its screen refreshed countless times per second. Indicating activity, transference of data... both electronic and mental. They elude to the architecture of the internet, and to money; both of which can be seen as having no tangible physical reality. Simply information - codified into electronic data.

Each digit is hand written; each time the choice is 0 or 1. I don't make the decision, but rather the choice is arrived at in much the same manner automatic writing was written. Without conscious intervention.

The eyes are carried across the surface searching connections and patterns. As when we are confronted with too much visual information, we zone out and enter a momentary state of suspension. The thinking mind disengages, and we simply ‘see’.

It is this oscillation between reflection, and seeing that interests me. I want the work to act both as a catalyst for enquiry, while at the same time a vehicle that transports us into an aesthetic revery.

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