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Land of Milk and Honey

Land of Milk and Honey explores the fever pitch intensity of cartoons and reflects on our failed attempts at present day ‘utopias’.

Cockaigne, the mythical Land of Plenty, was a medieval notion of Utopia where “he who sleeps the longest, earns the most” and “Where money has been exchanged for the good life”.

In many ways society has achieved much of the material aspects that were lacking in medieval times. Long life and advanced health care, mechanised food production. But rather than excessive leisure and boredom being our rewards, it seems our reality is stress and uncertainty.

The idealised and simplified forms, gestures and language of cartoons are a vibrant and violent lexicon that exists in parallel to our own daily lives.

I use this language and allow images to coalesce until they resonate and reflect my own obsessions and concerns.

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