Avatar is my fictive tribe - bodies transformed through paint, plants and found objects. The body is released from its habitual form - masked and liberated in theatrical guise. 

Copper, silver, pewter and gold pigments mix with the printer pigments on paper in a process that invites happy accidents and imperfect images reminiscent of old, faded photographs that have been touched and creased by years of handling. 

In this way, each photograph becomes more a souvenir of an event, rather than an accurate representation. With the current capacity for complete manipulation and control of digital photography, I appreciate precisely the opposite. A loss of control and ‘perfection’.

Digital images can be reproduced infinitely without change or degradation. Where does value lie then? It has to be created artificially by limiting the edition of prints. 

My process combines painting with photography and as a result, each photograph is unique.

SOFT Power

’SOFT Power’ conjures contradiction. Power is not necessarily something overt, demonstrative or conspicuous and softness does not inherently mean weakness.

SOFT Power can also suggest latent power. Like the sea, whose calm masses can erupt in an instant, or lay vast and still.

Or we can think of the body.. wrapped in its delicate and familiar membrane, the skin. The doorkeeper to the mysteries of human life within.

SOFT Power explores our unruly ‘animal’ nature.

Where it is a cultural norm to personify nature, to remove the violence and sexuality, here I do the opposite. Hence, wearing a mask or painting the body is a way of disrobing our habitual identity and disinhibiting our more primal animal nature.

Liberating sensuality.. nakedness.. sexuality. The body in its simplest form.