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The Flood

Landfill is the oldest and most common form of waste treatment the world over.
Garbage dumps are a form of burial – a mass grave for used, unwanted and broken objects – unmarked tombs for objects that have fallen in the service of our consumptive societies.

Centuries ago we used stones and bones and leather and wood and wax and metal and clay.. and in those times landfill could be conceived of as returning things back to nature. Contemporary industrialised societies are much more fragmented. From labour specialisation, technology and materials produced, to boundaries between property and countries.

When we don’t know the providence and process of production from start to finish of almost everything around us it’s hardly surprising people dispose of things recklessly and accumulate insatiably.. Society lures us into these accumulative habits. We are all magpies attracted to bright shiny objects. 

This series explores a cultural backwash. A regurgitation of undigested waste. Societies drains are blocked, and our effluence is rising back up to the surface.


Welcome to ‘The Flood’.

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