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Plastic Primitive


Plastic Primitive was the first exhibition of American artist James Gilbert in France, in collaboration with me.


As well as the joint show, “Plastic Primitive” - A Limited Edition Colouring Book was also produced.

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Plastic Primitive marries the language and structures of primitive visual forms with images from contemporary pop culture. Setting in play contradictory elements - objects of symbolic meaning used for ritual and cultural identity versus objects devoid of meaning - the products of consumerist pop society such as plastic toys, games and cartoons. 


How has the identity of a daily use object changed? From hand-carved wood to mass produced painted metal and plastic materials, this « evolution » reflects the advancement in innovation and mechanization. But it is also a shift from permanent to temporary or disposable.


Hence, there is an interest in defining a period of our collective history and cultural understanding. Drawing from the vitality and power of primitive tribal art and the banal objects of pop culture, both James Gilbert and I seek to compress these apparently opposing elements into objects of meaning and humour.

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