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LE VOYAGE CREATIF - Read my Article in MAISON & JARDIN Magazine

I wanted to share this little spread in this month's Maison & Jardin Magazine. It's a short reflection on my meandering journey. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on my various creative activities, and present a glimpse of the house which is a good context to see my work.

Sometimes I wonder what I would be doing in life if I wasn't making work. Being a maker is not necessarily about wanting to make things, but needing to be in the process of making.

Desiring the state of innocence where you both don't know a thing and yet you have faith that you actually do know everything. Trusting that when you pose a question an answer will come. Pose the same question another day and a different answer will come.

The less material the object, the more miraculous it seems. A line drawn on a piece of paper or a few gestures of paint on canvas can conjure up any number of images or emotions in the mind of the perceiver. They don't exist in any objective reality and yet they are as real as anything else in our experience...

Having lived in and renovated this house over the last 15 years, it feels like a work of art in itself, reflecting my own journey and travels, as well as elements from this beautiful region of France, at the base of the Pyrenees.

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