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Memento Mori - Follow the Light - Solo show, LeStudio Gallery, Paris

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Dune (detail) – LED / drilled wood 170 x 125 x 4 cm

Memento Mori is my new collection of light sculptures exploring the coded languages hidden within pattern. 

Through scorching and drilling the wood, I accentuate the stories innate in each piece. The influence of the seasons and type of tree all factor into the thumb print of each wood grain. Seeing the wood veneer as parchment or scroll, and its grain as text, the wood tells us a story about itself. 

While working on a previous series of abstract paintings exploring pattern and number sequences, I became aware of how form is its own language with its own syntax. 

I became interested in representing and transmitting the mystery of nature rather than the subjective experience of the individual.

During the day the wood itself is apparent, but as the light fades the wood transforms into a pattern of lights, and what you see is a representation of the grain. A form that could at once be a butterfly wing, sand dunes or refections on the surface of water.  

Memento Mori – oak / LED 116 x 86 x 4 cm  Codex – wood / LED / paint 100 x 72 x 4 cm

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